“In my years of publishing, I’ve never encountered a better copyeditor than Elissa. Thorough, on top of the project, committed, and delivered the stuff when she promised. Elissa made me feel part of the process – not a subject that is being acted on – which made the copyediting a team effort. I know it takes more time to include the author so heavily in the process, but that’s a big part of why it felt like a team effort. I also felt that Elissa cared about the book.”  Howard Karger, Shortchanged: Life and Debt in the Fringe Economy (Berrett-Koehler Publishers)

“Elissa Rabellino is that rare editor who approaches every piece of text she works on with respect and sensitivity. She saved my editorial life many times when we worked together at the San Francisco Chronicle, and in recent projects I have repeatedly thanked my lucky stars for her incredible thoroughness and care. She has very high standards, yet is gentle and encouraging when she senses that words on the page may not express exactly what the author intends. I’ve recommended Elissa to others and am always delighted to learn that they appreciate her professionalism and thoughtfulness as much as I do.”  Patricia Holt, manuscript consultant and former Book Review editor, San Francisco Chronicle

“Elissa has an amazing eye and caught the smallest details in my copy. I’m sure some people may think she’s too critical, but I think she’s fantastic. She’s welcome to tech-edit any book I write, any time.”  Jeff Gamet, Designer’s Guide to Mac OS X Tiger (Peachpit Press)

“Great job. You’ve been extremely helpful. The edits and suggestions are exactly what I was hoping for.”  Will Eaken, Operation Eco

“I asked Elissa to create the style guide for ELDR magazine, and working with her was a true pleasure. She not only has a sharp eye for detail and consistency, but also knows when to flex the rules for the sake of common sense. Always open to feedback, she demonstrated a real concern for understanding our audience and our mission. With Elissa’s help we came up with a useful tool that helps make our print and online content shine.”  Laurie Herr, managing editor, ELDR magazine,

“As a nonprofit with a quarterly newsletter, we found Elissa Rabellino’s assistance to be invaluable. She developed a style guide that we use to ensure consistency in language usage, formatting, and spelling, and she provided excellent editing and proofreading. The quality of our newsletter dramatically improved!”  Marya Grambs, executive director, Mental Health America of Hawai‘i