Editorial Services

StyleInSites offers a full range of editorial services from line editing to proofreading, including meeting other needs that come up in the course of a project, such as developmental assistance, project management, and research.

Elissa Rabellino brings to each project the judgment and sensibility honed through more than 25 years of experience working on books, newspapers, magazines, Web sites, and other media.

Her approach is to help the piece fulfill the writer’s (and publication’s) intentions while not imposing her own style. When she asks for a word change to clarify or to fix awkward prose, she always suggests alternatives, but she greatly prefers to help the writer make the change in his or her own language. She also sees herself as a stand-in for the reader. This means making sure the piece is well organized, clearly written, and accurate. Her concern for accuracy is rooted in 16 years of work on major metropolitan newspapers, as well as in her own temperament.

Here are some samples of Elissa’s editing work: excerpt1, excerpt2, excerpt3, excerpt4.

Types of material:

  1. Books (fiction, nonfiction)

  2. Magazines

  3. Web sites

  4. Newsletters

  5. Reports

  6. PR and ad collateral

  7. Proposals

  8. Exhibition and display materials

  9. Packaging


For whom:

  1. Publishers (print and online)

  2. Businesses

  3. Individual authors

  4. Designers

  5. Advertising and PR firms

  6. Government agencies

  7. Nonprofits

  8. Researchers

  9. Academics